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The staff at Powertechnix have been involved in the business of data centres since the early 1980’s when large scale computing mainly involved the use of Main Frame Computers. Our staff were involved in pioneering free cooling designs in 1986 using adiabatic 'Strainer Cycle' technology and in 2000 launched the world first power harmonic control devices 'Sine Wave' in the UK. From those early days we’ve witnessed the introduction of many variations of IT architecture and the resulting demand for large UPS, generation, heat reclamation, synchronous co-generation and most recently modular architectures for power and cooling systems, free cooling and contained airflow aisle configurations and in-row air conditioning systems. 

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Powertechnix was formed in 2004 to service the growing demand for critical power and cooling solutions .Today we provide a wide range of professional services to the data centre industry from survey and planning to the design, delivery and commissioning of highly resilient, efficient and reliable facilities.

Since 2004 we have witnessed and participated in the change in demands of resilience and reliability, then through availability and concurrent maintainability, to energy efficiency and carbon reduction. We pride ourselves on offering a market wide service utilising the latest technologies sourced from the best manufacturers in the world.

Powertechnix are highly regarded as experienced in the provision of resilient, reliable, efficient and cost effective data centre systems. The equipment we discuss on a daily basis includes the configuration and selection of  data centre areas, systems and equipment inc; uninterruptable power supplies, on rack and in row cooling, CRAC units, free cooling, aisle containment power generation, power distribution, static switches, power harmonic mitigation from planning to commissioning.

We are commonly designing and installing into UTI Tier Classified infrastructures utilising N+1 or N+N and A+B system architectures and also the latest designs of modular build and scalable roll out formats of infrastructure topology.

Our partnerships with data centre professionals and our regular participation in Data Centre Dynamics, Data Centre World and the Uptime Institute briefings enable us to maintain a vision which is at the forefront of today’s data centre power and cooling technologies.

Our thought leaders include;

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