examples of our work

data centre projects

Project No 1

40Kw Data Centre Extension

working live this APC HACS data centre was extended by a second suite of 8 racks and 40Kw of power and cooling,  additional free cooling chillers and ancillaries

Project 003

80Kw Primary Data Centre

this 80Kw facility incorporates a 22 rack APC HACS with 2N N+1 UPS and a 2N Cooling system. all fully backed up by mains and generator power

Project 002

300Kw Primary Data Centre

a 300Kw 3 Aisle Data Centre with 72 Racks and a 40Kw non aisle room to provide a central facility prime site for owner operator use and for co-location purposes

Project 004

600Kw Primary HQ Data Centre

a purpose built, state of the art, greenfield site to accommodate 600Kw of IT load across 72 Racks with 2N power and cooling and free cooling chilled water.

technical services

Project Sheet Harmonic Survey

Electrical Power Harmonic Survey

our background in power engineering involved us becoming specialist in electrical harmonic distortion and the mitigation of its deleterious effects on power equipment.  

Project Sheet PABX

PABX Power System Upgrade

a live upgrade to 2N critical power, with essential and non essential systems and new dedicated 2N PDU's and distribution to A and B rack level PDU's

Project Sheet #6

New 300Kw Essential Generator

backing the essential services in a central office headquarters this generator backs up the essential services including the data centre, its UPS, cooling systems and ancillaries

Project Sheet #8

Performance Validation

ensuring that the performance of systems and equipment is adequate and compliant with the specifications for the system and works and that integration is adequately demonstrated