Harmonic mitigation

IT equipment, UPS systems, lighting, emergency power supplies and other non-linear (non-sinusoidal) electronic equipment which operates by switching from an alternating power source such as the mains or a generator creates switching transients which are re-injected into the supply. This distortion accumulates and distorts the sinusoidal waveform causing distortion which deleterious to the equipment it supplies and which can exceed the limits prescribed by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) Engineering Recommendation G5/4-1.

Testing and validating that harmonic rich IT facilities (and other similar environments) do not exceed regulatory limits and do not adversely affect other commonly connected loads is vital to the reliable and efficient operation of equipment and systems. The effects of the harmonic content being to overheat conductors and equipment, cause incorrect switching of electronic devices and produce electrical and electromagnetic disturbance in buildings.

PTX Mini 047

Validation surveys measure the amount of non-linear distortion that is present in your facility and provides recommendations, where necessary, to reduce that distortion and improve the quality of your voltage and current waveforms. Powertechnix provide a range of surveys which provide you with a professional but easily understood report, conclusions and recommendations and estimated costs.

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