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Data Centre projects are always individual. Their demands and needs are always unique and rarely are common designs totally acceptable. The delivery of the project is endlessly variable and the partners within the delivery team vary with client, geography and project type.

There are endless permutations of arrangement, topography, power distribution, cooling systems, fire systems, security systems, and other elements that can be applied and all need to be exactly matched to client statement of demands and needs. The best approach for your new data centre will depend upon your organisation’s many demands and needs in terms of; budget use, IT equipment needs, rack, power and cooling capacity, scalability, resilience, reliability, maintainability, energy efficiency and life span.


We think that design starts right at the start. Site selection for a new data centre needs to encompasses both the physical aspects of the proposed location and also the strategic implications of your investment. Physical assessment involves an expert analysis of essential elements such as power availability, connectivity, access, transport links, environmental threats and security as well as potential location specific risk factors.

When assessing the suitability of an existing facilities or building(s) on a site, the analysis will include construction type, materials and structural limitations. Our experts then analyse these findings against specific corporate requirements ensuring that all recommendations are based on your individual specific demands and needs.

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For existing buildings, and new site developments, a comprehensive report detailing the findings of the site selection assessment which compares the findings with the agreed project specific requirements, drivers and constraints is required. The report should summarise the strengths and weaknesses of each site;  its suitability in terms of the demands and needs, its flexibility, risk evaluation, capacity predictions, limitations, estimated build and operational costs, power and connectivity availability. The report can also include high level layouts, a phased expansion plan and recommended power, cooling and construction solutions

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Powertechnix work in partnership with our clients and we take care to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are engaged with at a very early stage, through workshops or individual meetings. This means that we have a full understanding of all your demands and needs and the basis for our early data centre design is one which provides an appropriate infrastructure platform for your organisation prior to detailed design.

Whatever route or process your next data centre takes you should ensure that you get professional advice right at the start, as soon as you start discussing it. Powertechnix have a background in data centre infrastructures from 1985 and can provide valuable client side consultancy for your new data centre project.

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