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Power is vital to your data centre its correct designation and delivery, its resilience, reliability and maintainability is critical. Without power your data centre stops production. The typical power system supporting a data centre outlives the IT equipment by some 8 times or some 8 complete IT refresh cycles. Investment in power infrastructure has to last a long time. Power systems are difficult to improve and / or replace and it makes sense to implement power systems diligently.

Powertechnix provide professional designs or turn-key packages that improve your power systems from better distribution systems, generator and change-over systems, UPS and batteries, Power Distribution Systems (PDU’s), Static Transfer Systems, Rack level power systems and critical lighting.

The key drivers that we often find for power upgrade are; UPS overloaded, or obsolete, battery replacement due, maintenance requires shutdown of the IT service, lack off connectivity, poor power structure and / or distribution incorrect design of control and switchgear. Selection of equipment and systems for a data centre project should always be driven by the needs of you, the client.  Efficiency plays a part but the relative benefits of different UPS systems efficiency curves are limited and more than outweighed by adopting more efficient and effective cooling designs and topologies.

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We will work with you to understand your power problems and create a holistic design based on your power demands and needs through your entire power chain system. Our capability to professionally deliver turn key power upgrade projects provides you with a vendor agnostic partner from design to delivery and through to testing and commissioning.

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