PUe Improvement and Energy Efficiency Optimisation

Its a fact that data centres consume, and waste large amounts of energy. The financial cost to data centre owners, operators and tenant's is vast and the damage to the environment is unsustainable. Despite good design large facilities often have significant over capacity and the result is a substantially lower than expected PUe.

Poor PUe costs even small owner operators large sums in wasted energy and consumes the worlds limited resources for little benefit. As many data centres are relatively small (<100Kw) the effect of these numerous data centres across the world is highly significant and the energy and cost savings valuable.

Powertechnix understand the plant and control systems that affect PUe and energy efficiency. From air flow to chillers and chilled water, from transformer to UPS, Pumps to fans we can audit your facilities and establish PUe and opportunities to optimise for efficiency and lower cost operation. Call Powertechnix now for a free initial telephone consultation.