Survey and report

It is vital that the existing, as installed, data centre is fully understood and documented in order to enable reliable operation of equipment and for future changes to IT and infrastructure to be planned and undertaken with certainty of performance.

The duration of the infrastructure investments is often up to 8 times as long as the IT refresh cycle which means that the design, performance and operation of legacy data centres is often poorly documented and misunderstood and more than likely unfit for newer IT systems and their demands for energy density and airflow. A survey of your facility can identify shortcomings in performance and operation and provide you with a package of information from which to improve your facility or plan an upgrade or replacement.

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Our surveys are conducted professionally with experienced data centre technicians and provide a written report, identification of shortcomings and issues facing performance and operation. A detailed floor plan of the facility and, where necessary, plant areas prepared in either AutoCAD or VISIO. Our conclusions and recommendations with cost estimates for consideration.

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